Help with your DIY Project

DIY Projects
help with your DIY Project

Help with Diy projects are the number 1 reason projects go unfinished.

CDBarter understands that your goal is to have a complete project that is done correctly and fairly bid on.

We know that a contractor needs to take interest and pride in the work that is completed. That is why we recommend that after each stage of your projects you take pictures and write a review.

This way only the BEST contractors get the projects and our community stays happy and satisfied.

If you’re looking for help with your DIY Project, more time to spend with your family, or just ran into an issue that needs community advice. CD Barter is a community for you.


Submit your Incomplete DIY project and allow contractors to bid and make suggestions in completing the project.


It’s easy to list… simply complete the registration form and submit your free project.